Moshare for iPhone Review

This review covers Moshare by Moprise.

Moprise Web Site

Moprise Website

The Moprise web site indicates that there is both a Lite (free) version and a Pro version (US $14.99) available within the App Store but I can only find the Lite version (both links go to the Lite version). There is a “Contact Us” option to find out more information on the Enterprise option.

The version of Moshare for iPhone that I’m reviewing is the Lite version available from the App store here:

Moshare logo

Moshare logo

I’m reviewing version 1.3 that is available in the App store as at 3 March 2012. The application is free and is currently a 1.7MB download so could be installed over a 3G connection.

Update 24 March 2012: This application appears to have now been removed from the App Store.

My review is being done on an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1.

According to the product web site, the Lite version allows you to use the application with two SharePoint sites so set out with the intent of trying with both a SharePoint 2007 site and Office 365.

Configuration is reasonably straight forward with a new site being added via the settings screen:

Moshare Settings

Moshare Settings

Note: Whilst the Moprise site says there is a two site limit, I was able to add more than two sites.

Moshare Site List

Moshare Site List

Tapping the MOSS site entry, allowed me to access the site and see that there were subsites:

Moshare MOSS Subsites

Moshare MOSS Subsites

Tapping the subsites allowed me to access the list of subsites:

Moshare Subsites

Moshare Subsites

Unfortunately, after tapping a subsite that I knew had content that I wanted to access, the application crashes/exits to the Home screen.

The only way to actually access content within the subsite is to create a new site mapping within the application using the full URL. This is the only way that I could get access to the Shared Documents within the subsite.

I was never able to access the Office 365 web site due to this error:

Moshare Error

Moshare Error

When within a site, there is menu area that you can tap on. This reveals:

Moshare Menu

Moshare Menu

I tried search a couple of times and was unable to have the application return any search results even though I knew the content was there. I selected the search option from within the Shared Documents area that had the content I was searching for.

I was able to try the application with a local SharePoint 2010 site without SSL. Whilst I was able to connect to the site and was shown the site structure that indicated the application knew there was content e.g. 1 announcement, I was unable to see any content when I accessed the list or library.


Sadly, I have to say I personally found this application frustrating to use. It was slow accessing sites and would crash frequently. This application is not suitable for use with current iOS devices and Office 365.


  • Sadly, I can’t think of any to list


  • Slow
  • Crashes often
  • Search didn’t work for me
  • I couldn’t get it to work with Office 365

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